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Wrongful Death & The Law

Often while you are suffering through the loss of a loved one the insurance company is already hiring investigators and lawyers trying to minimize the amount of money damages to which it may be exposed. The insurance company is likely hiring experts to inspect the accident scene, get statements from witnesses, and try and find a reason why the case is worth less the full value.

You should also seek legal advice as it is important to speak to witnesses while the memories are fresh and preserve physical evidence. Our Lawyers Care LLC does its part and connects you with one of the trusted law firms and lawyers in our network. Our network consists of top California law firms and esteemed Super Lawyers that specialize in wrongful death cases, and have helped many families through the legal maze of wrongful death suits. We are an experienced and caring team of legal professionals that will work to help you and your family throughout this process and help you find answers and justice.

Can I afford to hire an attorney?

For a personal injury claim, most law firms charge a percentage of the amount recovered from the insurance company. This arrangement means you can obtain the best possible legal services at the time of your inquiry. This is the policy at Our Lawyers Care LLC. We never require an up-front payment for legal services. Not only do we offer a free initial consultation, but our fee is not collected until your claim is finally resolved.

Who can benefit from a wrongful death claim?

A wrongful death claim typically arises due to the carelessness, mistake or outright recklessness of another individual or company. A wrongful death claim arises because the heirs and family shouldn't have to suffer the costs, lost wages/benefits, and the lost love, society and companionship provided by the decedent. When a spouse, father, mother or child dies due to negligence, California law recognizes the remaining family members may bring a claim for compensation due to these losses. Of course, no amount of compensation can bring the decedent back. But, a wrongful death claim seeks to compensate the family and hold accountable those who acted recklessly. Without this deterrent, corporations and people may not act with due care for the basic safety of society

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